Todays mountainbike ride

Today I went for a short ride on Jungfruberget. It's located only a minute (or two..) away from my home and it offers some really nice mountainbiking. As you might see I had my snik-wheels on my bike today. That's just because I found my bike with two flat Furious Fred-Dugasts. It felt quite sad and costly to find my bike in that condition. But I took the wheels from my second bike and luckily the cassette worked well with the chain on this bike.

This section is actually a lot steeper than it looks on this picture. All the roots and stones makes it a bit tricky and my singel chaninring setup (42t) didn't help either. After the section with roots that you all can see this singeltrack continues with large stones and more roots. There was no time for retries today so I had to leave this spot with a feeling of failure. Mabye next time! Then I would probably have mounted my 30t chainring and changed my worn out 2" Python rear tire.
The ride was one of my shortest this year, but little training is better than no training! 

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  1. That´s a lot of roots.

  2. finally I understand what you're writing! ;P;PP;P